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The script for Simeon’s Watch, Riding Lights national tour in 2016.

Paperback book: printed and perfect bound.
please note: this script does not include a licence to perform the play


A puzzle in the family at Christmas

by Bridget Foreman


“Moving, funny and thought provoking”

“Brilliantly acted, subtle, hopeful and more uplifting than you might think! Highly recommend catching it”


“In awe of what I’ve just seen, spot on, truthful and important.”


Leah keeps losing things. First it was her knitting, then the sheep, and now her father keeps wandering off. She frequently loses her temper and some days she thinks she’s losing her mind.

Or is it her father Simeon who’s doing that? Staring out of the window, muttering about angels, waiting with unshakeable conviction for ‘God knows what’. It’s all a game to Leah’s daughter, which only makes things worse. Something has to change.


As the nights draw in, watching her father’s dementia slow him down and her daughter’s future race ahead, Leah seems to be waiting too – but for what?

Simeon’s Watch is an engaging new play about family. A wonderful story about growing old, discovering hope and being surprised.

Simeon’s Watch Script

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