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Tell the Easter Story… instantly.

Gather your community and create an instant passion play.

From the roaring crowd at the entry into Jerusalem to the moving drama of the crucifixion, a chorus of voices tell the Easter story.


There’s a part of everyone to play and no rehearsal needed.

A powerful piece of theatre and worship, The People’s Passion brings a whole congregation together to witness the events of Holy Week. There are parts to play for groups and parts for individuals, music and moments of reflection. Riding Lights provides the script, you provide the cast.

This version of the The People’s Passion is a physical pack, once at the checkout the price for postage and packaging will be added. It also includes the a digital download of all of the resources.
You can buy The People’s Passion just as a digital download (saving you the Postage cost) here.

Please Note: The pack also contains a licence to perform The People’s Passion.


In the physical pack:In the physical pack:

  • ‘How to Create The People’s Passion’  (Organiser Handbook)
  • Annotated Production Script
  • Memory Stick with a full set of digital resources


Digital resources on the memory stick:

  • ‘How to Create The People’s Passion’  (Organiser Handbook)
  • Annotated Production Script for the presenter,  key actors, musicians and technical operators
  • PowerPoint of the script (in 4:3 and 16:9)
  • Large print version of the script
  • Cast list
  • Suggested stage and seating plan
  • Section signs (A, B, C etc.) and cast cards to hand out to the participants
  • Publicity material
  • Recorded backing music Sheet music for the four songs used in the event
  • A sample recording of a crowd scene (guide only)

The People’s Passion: Physical Pack

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