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The script for The Narrow Road, Riding Lights passion play, which toured in lent 2010, 2011, 2019 and 2020 (tour cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak).


Paperback book: printed and perfect bound.
please note: this script does not include a licence to perform the play

a passion play

by Paul Birch


Amid the heat and beauty of ancient Palestine, a man stands on a dusty road. An extraordinary journey will take place, retracing the footsteps of Jesus through a world of miracles and madness, violence and liberation. As the Narrow Road is walked, this turbulent world is turned upside down and its inhabitants confronted by an unexpected and surprising vision.

As we walk these inhabitants to the cross and on into the challenge of a life beyond, The Narrow Road asks each of us to review our understanding of our own faith in relation to that journey.

The Narrow Road Script

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