in association with Parentalk
Directed by Paul Burbridge
Script by Bridget Foreman
Design by Sean Cavanagh

Being a parent, battling with parents, becoming a parent - it’s a funny old game, family. Just ask the Newboroughs…

Mum’s fielding calls from the nation’s media about another rail disaster, and dad’s whole life revolves around his flash new car, his frankly embarrassing wrap-around shades and his so-last-century taste in music. Danny’s got a bag of sparkly beauty products in his wardrobe, and Sophie’s about to discover what her parents have been moaning on about for the past sixteen years.

The ordinary life of another ordinary family, until tragedy strikes like a 100mph serve. But why, at match-point, do they suddenly find themselves playing on the same side of the net?

Love Fifteen serves up the wisdom and experience of teenagers and parents to create a highly entertaining, funny and explosive new piece of theatre.

Active, reactive and interactive, Riding Lights Theatre Company guarantees to hold your hand through a unique evening of laughter, tears, and all the lobs and volleys of some of the most keenly fought points of family life.


"Impressive, thought-provoking, stimulating… the sheer creativity needed to develop a scenario which allowed for the exploration of so many family ‘issues’ was truly remarkable."
Steve Chalke – Chairman, Parentalk

"fascinating... a cathartic cocktail of pathos and comedy."
Yorkshire Evening Press

"It was a lot of fun and made me think about how I act towards my parents... anyone who watches can relate to it."
GCSE Drama Student

"Well presented, thought-provoking, exceedingly relevant... I felt quite emotionally involved. the element of hope in new life came through beautifully. There's subject matter here to challenge all ages!"

"Excellent - absolutely first class... very funny but very poignant at the same time... dealt with difficult situations in a constructive way."

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Love Fifteen has been created in collaboration with Parentalk - to find out more about this partnership, click here.

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